Skye wins the Dove Valley Gundog Club Open Cocker Stake!

In her last Open trial of the season, Skye finally got the chance to show what she’s capable of. After 2 excellent runs, she finished with a lovely retrieve on a strong runner. She was then brought forward for a run-off for 1st place. After a quick hunt through the bracken, the judges had made their decision and she was awarded 1st place. She also took ‘Gun choice’ and ‘Best retrieve of the day’.

This qualifies her for the 2019 Cocker Spaniel Championship .


Another fantastic year at the Great Yorkshire Show

FarlaVale Gundogs were honoured to, once again, provide the gundog demonstration at the 160th anniversary of the Great Yorkshire Show. We had a variety of cockers in the arena including the two latest additions, 'Sparky' and 'Lula' demonstrating some recall and retrieving. It really was a fabulous three days out in the sunshine supported by a bumper crowd on the Wednesday. A huge thanks to everyone who came to watch!

Meet FarlaVale Ebor and FarlaVale Dante

2 New additions to the FarlaVale team!

A litter of 6 from our Skye, provided a nice selection to choose from. FarlaVale Ebor (Sparky) and FarlaVale Dante (Lula) are solid examples of the breed. Sparky is a solid  strong Liver coloured pup with good bone and Lula also displays equally good conformation. Bred for temperament and natural ability, we've kept the same distinct breeding and used the stud dog FTW Kiltonbeck Rollo, who is from very similar lines to Skye. 

These 2 have already starred in their debut demonstration at The 2018 Great Yorkshire Show. We expect great things from this cheeky duo......


Nice litter from these two!

Our own Skye has had her first litter after being mated to FTW Kiltonbeck Rollo. On the 7th of April, she produced six healthy puppies, two girls and four boys. We are very pleased by this brilliant litter and will be keeping two of the puppies ourselves.

A fun display at Springtime Live

At the end of March, we took part in Springtime Live for the second year running. Damson, Seren and Ash were the stars of the show, demonstrating heel-work, and retrieving in the arena. All the dogs were shattered by the end of it due to the constant stream of attention from hundreds of children (and adults too)! A fun day out for everyone.

Two new additions to FarlaVale Gundogs

We are excited to announce the new arrivals to the Farlavale family. Meet BlackSwale Seren of FarlaVale (Seren) and Kiltonbeck Panther (Ash). Both from impeccable working lines, we are looking forward to seeing what they can offer us in the future. The puppies are currently doing very well in training.

A Fab 3 days of demonstrations at the Great Yorkshire Show

We enjoyed 3 packed days at The Great Yorkshire Show. All the dogs performed admirably over 6 demonstrations. Liquid sunshine on the first day, followed by 2 lovely days of full sun! Thank you to everyone who came and supported us.

Skye wins at Stubton!

At just 17 months old... ..the youngest dog on the card, Skye (Starry Skye of FarlaVale) has followed in her fathers footsteps, by winning an AV novice (on ice) in her first season of trialling!

Up against 13 springers, another cocker and a clumber, she caught the eye of all 4 judges. This was her 6th award of the season, having been awarded every place possible, 2 coms (one of which was in an Open), a 4th, a 3rd and a 2nd. This is a lovely end to the season for her and indeed lines her up nicely for Open class next season. And to think that last January she broke her hind right leg in 5 places, after being knocked down by a car, which left her out for 4 months -  and having being offered amputation as a viable option, it wasn't certain whether she would be able to work again, let alone trial. We are very grateful and proud of this little dog.

Skye (Starry Skye of FarlaVale) gains her first Field Trial award at just 13 months

Skye received her first award of the season with a 4th at the Yorkshire Gundog Club A/V Novice Field Trial at Dallowgill moor. There were just 2 Cockers competing amongst a card of 14 Springer. The ground was tough and the cover thick, but 2 flushes and a retrieve on a rabbit on her first run was enough to get her in the awards.

Lots more to come from this little lass!

FarlaVale Working Test and shot-over day!

On Saturday 12th December we held a Working Test (by special invitation) at Heyshaw Moor, near Pateley Bridge. The weather was atrocious but it didn't put off the dogs and they all worked earnestly. The eventual winner was Judith Nicholson with Pip. The afternoon put the dogs through their paces even further, as we went in search of woodcock. The weather conditions resulted in the birds being a little elusive but the dogs didn't slow all day. Well done everyone!

Charlie wins the Lincs Gundog Club Open Field Trial making him a FTCH

'FTCH Broadmeafarm Charlie' has qualified for the Cocker Spaniel Championship once again, by winning the Lincolnshire Gundog Open Cocker Field Trial at the Beeswax Estate in Stubton, near Newark. He again won the trial outright (on ice), with no run-off required.  This has made him up to a 'Field Trial Champion' at the tender age of just 2 years.

Spaniel Training day at Chesterfield with Stevie Allerton and Ryan Kay

Stevie Allerton and Ryan Kay held a Spaniel training day on a lovely patch of rabbit riddled ground above Linacre reservoir near Chesterfield. 7 spaniel handlers were assessed and coached through various scenarios, all with the aspiration of competing in Gundog Working Tests. All the dogs and handlers showed willing and there were some promising dogs coming through.

A great thanks to the lovely Stevie Allerton for organising such a fun and enjoyable day!

More photos on the Gallery page.

Dove Valley Gundog Club - Working Test at Chatsworth House 29th March 2015

Lily wins the Young Handler award at Chatsworth

A fabulous day at Chatsworth House despite the atrocious weather! The young handlers were thrown in with the 34 Novice entries and had to compete on the same level, with the same test elements.

From the 34 running, only 8 went through to the second round and were judged on a second run.

Lily took Charlie to a well deserved win. It was her first working test and I could visibly see just how nervous she was, but she kept her cool and pulled off a tidy retrieve on he second run, even though dog and handler had failed to mark the dummy! All good experience. A great thanks to Jean Gledhill for putting on a super day.

Well done to all.