Skye wins at Stubton!

At just 17 months old... ..the youngest dog on the card, Skye (Starry Skye of FarlaVale) has followed in her fathers footsteps, by winning an AV novice (on ice) in her first season of trialling!

Up against 13 springers, another cocker and a clumber, she caught the eye of all 4 judges. This was her 6th award of the season, having been awarded every place possible, 2 coms (one of which was in an Open), a 4th, a 3rd and a 2nd. This is a lovely end to the season for her and indeed lines her up nicely for Open class next season. And to think that last January she broke her hind right leg in 5 places, after being knocked down by a car, which left her out for 4 months -  and having being offered amputation as a viable option, it wasn't certain whether she would be able to work again, let alone trial. We are very grateful and proud of this little dog.